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Brass Brigade

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Release 2019
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Brass Brigade is a cartoon, World War 2, third AND first person shooter that blends the gameplay of classic WWII shooters like Battlefield 1942/Battlefield Heroes with highly customizable bot matches! Grab your helmet, lock and load your rifle, and prepare to enlist in the Brass Brigade, an homage to classic WWII action games of yester-year. Inspired by genre staples of the early-to-mid 2000s, Brass Brigade lets you join the nation of your choosing in the world's largest armed conflict. Brass Brigade offers a highly customizable and scalable gameplay experience that lets you enjoy these beautifully cartoony reimaginings of historical battles just the way you want!Featuring6 fully-featured historical nations, including the United States, Great Britain, The Soviet Union, France, Nazi Germany, and The Empire of Japan.
New in the Streets of Berlin edition:

- New Streets of Berlin Map
- New Marine Textures
- New Japanese & Marine Sniper Classes
- New French Scout Class
- New Shock Trooper Class (German Jager faction, previous Shock Trooper now called "Shock Trooper Squad Leader")
- New weapon variants (Arisaka Scoped, Mas36 Scoped, FG42 (no scope), Silenced Ruby, M24 Stielhandgranate Bundle "Geballte Ladung", Mosin Nagant & Lebel 1886 now come with bayonets)

Note: This release is standalone and updated to latest build!
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