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Field of Glory II: Medieval


Field of Glory 2 - Medieval

Cover zu Field of Glory 2 - Medieval
Metacritic 75
Userscore 7.2

Release 2021
Hits 5.916

Size 3.55 GB
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Field of Glory II Medieval is a turn-based tactical game set in the High Middle Ages from 1040 AD to 1270 AD. This was the heyday of the mounted knight. Armoured from head to toe by the later 12th century, European knights rode heavy horses in tight formation, and delivered a devastating charge with couched lances. Major themes of the period include the struggles of the Kings of France against the Kings of England and the German Emperors, the English wars of conquest or attempted conquest against the Welsh, Scots and Irish, the Baltic Crusades and the Mongol invasion of Eastern Europe. With dynastic struggles and rebellions by powerful nobles thrown into the mix, Europe was in an almost constant state of war.
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Deutsch Englisch Spanisch Französisch

Contains the Main Game and the following DLCs:
-Field of Glory II: Medieval - Rise of the Swiss
-Field of Glory II: Medieval - Reconquista
-Field of Glory II: Medieval - Swords and Scimitars
-Field of Glory II: Medieval - Storm of Arrows
-Field of Glory II: Medieval - Sublime Porte
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