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Cover zu Kubifaktorium
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Release 2019
Hits 2.935

Size 233 MB
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Mirko Seithe
Mirko Seithe
Simulation Strategy Indie
"A very impressive game already, and it still has scope to improve through its early access period." - Rock Paper ShotgunWhat is Kubifaktorium? Build, manage and grow a thriving settlement in Kubifaktorium, a voxel-based colony management and automation game. The game features multiple biomes to explore, plenty of resources to exploit, complex transport systems and automations to build and interesting production chains to master. Colony Building and ManagementThe heart of your colony consists of loyal colonists who will gather resources, farm crops and craft tools and weapons. Every colonist is unique, with their own set of skills which evolve based on the jobs they perform. Managing your colonists’ needs and abilities is vital to ensuring your colony's efficiency.
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Deutsch Englisch Französisch

Minor update 11.7.2022, Build 9097265 (14.08.2022)
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