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Virtual Rides 3 - Funfair Simulator


Virtual Rides 3 - Der Fahrgeschäftsimulator

Cover zu Virtual Rides 3 - Der Fahrgeschäftsimulator
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Release 2017
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Virtual Rides III turns you into a showman! Whether you change the color of the components, the components themselves, or the decoration – it's all in your hands! Use lighting, effect equipment, fog machines, and stroboscopes to perfectly stage your fairground attractions! Give your visitors a ride they'll never forget! When night falls, the lighting system immerses the funfair in a very special light! From laser shows to color changes – everything is possible! You are the carnival barker! Grab a microphone and fire up your guests with your own calls! The atmospheric lighting doesn't really come into effect until sunset – but that's no problem! Simply change the time and even the weather! Take your place in the control booth and use the 3D panel to control the ride just as you like! There are more than 10 attractions available! Start them up and give your guests the ride of their lives! Now it's your turn! Climb in, buckle up, hold on tight – and ride your fairground ride! Need a bigger kick? Then grab you HTC Vive or Oculus Rift for an even more realistic nerve-tingling wild ride! 12 acres of fairground full of breathtaking attractions and more than 100 stands whose offerings will make your mouth water. Enjoy your visit to the funfair and encounter huge crowds that react to their environment.
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NOTES: This release is standalone and includes the following DLC:

> Virtual Rides 3 - Bounce Machine
> Virtual Rides 3 - Roundtrip
> Virtual Rides 3 - Salsa
> Virtual Rides 3 - The Falcon
> Virtual Rides 3 - Astronaut

The game is updated to v2.0.0.
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