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Hitman (2016)

Cover zu Hitman (2016)
Metacritic 84
Userscore 7.8
Release 2016
Hits 29.268
Size 23.48 GB
Medium 1 DVD
Password 404
Io Interactive
Square Enix
Action Simulation Shooter
Experiment and have fun in the ultimate playground as Agent 47 to become the master assassin. Travel around the globe to exotic locations and eliminate your targets with everything from a katana or a sniper rifle to an exploding golf ball or some expired spaghetti sauce.
Voice output Englisch
Texts and subtitles Deutsch Englisch Spanisch Französisch Italienisch Polnisch Russisch Japanisch

ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation (crack by Codex). Updated to version 1.14.2 (24.05.2018).

All 6 episodes are included + DLC: Bonus Campaign Patient Zero, GOTY Clown Suit, GOTY Raven Suit, GOTY Cowboy Suit, GOTY Suit Pack, Full Experience, Full Experience Upgrade, Summer Bonus Episode, Requiem Legacy Suit, Silenced ICA-19 Chrome Pistol, White Rubber Duck Explosive, Blood Money Requiem Pack, Intro Pack.

Installation time with 4 cores CPU - 8 minutes SSD / 18 minutes normal HDD. Included bonus content: Soundtrack (mp3).

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Singleplayer Full controller support Atmospheric Great Soundtrack Story Rich Open World Third Person Sandbox Stealth Tactical Third-Person Shooter Nudity

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