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Faulty updates and miscellaneous16. February 2024

Faulty updates
We can now verify that the defective updates fortunately only affect updates from TENOKE. You can recognize this by the fact that there are many .jpg files in the Crack folder (or in the levels below). If you find such an update, get in touch with us. It is defective and can be deleted immediately! In parallel, we will now check the existing updates for all upcoming updates and correct them if necessary. Only old updates are affected! All updates since Wednesday are already fixed! Releases are often re-released after a few updates, so that we have a clean database again relatively quickly.

For all those for whom the captcha was too difficult (:D) you no longer have to click on the open circle but on the blue open circle. For people who supposedly don't see the captcha, please check Config/Browser/Computer! JavaScript must be activated! We have tested it with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge with and without AdBlocker. It even works in the Tor network. Maybe a VPN is blocking something on our end? We are therefore unable to reproduce this message.

It's safe here!
For all those who are concerned about security: We do not spread viruses, malware or other harmful programs!

Here is an excerpt from our FAQ:

Important: Many cracks are mistakenly recognized as viruses and, depending on the setting, simply removed or quarantined without notice. Please make sure that doesn't happen. By the way, this is the most common reason why the games won't start.

We love you!

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